(noun, masculine singular; plural: koulourades); koulourou (noun, feminine singular; plural: koulouroudes) person who sells koulouria (traditional Greek bread rings).

Koulourades is a Greek company with a wide range of products that has succeeded in revolutionising and transforming the traditional classic koulouri bread ring into part of our modern daily routine.

Our first steps

Our top priority is to ensure the quality of our products

It all began in 2016, when the baker Dimitris Grivas’s love of breadmaking led him to open the first Koulourades store on Navarinou St in Piraeus. The product was so innovative that the signs of success were there right from the start. Within four months, the newly established company had gained a following and it was not long before a second outlet opened, again in Piraeus, on Iroon Polytechniou St.

The new trend created by Koulourades quickly made a number of investors interested in the creation of new outlets. The company’s headquarters opened on Plataion Street in Piraeus and a first franchise outlet was established.

From the start, the company’s priority and guiding principle has been to ensure the quality of its products. To achieve this, we created our first training centre, undertaking the full training of our franchisees and their employees.

What came next

The company’s profitability and growth have made it the most profitable franchise option in Greece.

In 2017, the company opened one outlet per month. Working with the largest suppliers in Greece and Europe, we began to steadily grow our network. The secret traditional Koulourades recipe, which dates back to 1956, was now being produced in our outlets and an innovative method of preparation had been introduced. In 2018, Koulourades opened 44 new outlets, a feat of near impossible network growth even by international standards. The company’s profitability and growth had made it the most profitable franchise option in Greece. There were more than 2,500 new applications pending from potential franchisees.

Steady growth

The company was now playing a leading role in the daily eating habits of the Greek people.

A new larger training school was created for our franchisees’ staff. The school trains more than fifty prospective employees every day, providing them with specialist knowledge while strengthening the network’s competitive advantage. With its own funds and without a loan, the company was now playing a leading role in the daily eating habits of the Greek people.

Our philosophy of providing the best product at the lowest price had made us an innovative up-and-coming solution in the food service industry.

In 2019, we began to develop outside Athens in the largest regional cities, culminating in two new outlets in Thessaloniki and the creation of a new training centre to serve our outlets in Northern Greece.

Becoming an institution

Koulourades works with the world’s biggest suppliers of raw materials to ensure top quality products.

Every day, Koulourades outlets prepare more than 250,000 of our famous koulouri bread rings, serving over 120,000 people. The quality of our products is the result of a combination of carefully selected raw materials, the proper staff training, and a very particular production process. In this way, our customers know they can enjoy their favourite product, with the same high quality, from any store in our network. Consistently high quality is one of the most important factors that Koulourades has swiftly managed to establish in the Greek market, injecting new life into the most traditional Greek street food, the humble koulouri bread ring.

We have done things differently, creating a buzz around tradition and encouraging young people to change their eating habits so they buy more nutritious products.

Koulourades Go Green

When we look to the future, we at Koulourades wish for a better tomorrow.

At Koulourades, we believe that ecology and business must go hand in hand in today’s global reality. Through our corporate social responsibility programme, we are showing our commitment to the environment and our fellow human beings by becoming greener, replacing our old packaging and consumables with new, more ecological versions. Meanwhile, paper carrier bags have taken the place of plastic and we are using less paper in our packaging. Our straws and cups are also now made of paper, while in 2022 we launched our new eco-friendly reusable insulated cup.

Protection of the environment is a responsibility that we all share, and together we can built a stronger and healthier planet through sustainable development.