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Dark chocolate, oreo
Dark chocolate, coconut
Dark chocolate, wild cherry
Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate, chestnut
Dark chocolate, orange
Dark chocolate, halva
Halva, quince
Vegan cheese bagel
Tarama salad
Cereal bars
Default image
Crunchies by kilo
Philadelphia, turkey
Philadelphia, pesto basil
Philadelphia, ham
Olive paste, cucumber, tomato
Philadelphia, salami
Philadelphia, pastrami
Philadelphia, smoked salmon
Smoked cheese, chicken
Graviera cheese, ham
Graviera cheese, turkey
Graviera cheese, salami
Graviera cheese, pastrami
Graviera cheese, pork tenderloin
Tsalafouti Evritanian cheese
Tsalafouti Evritanian cheese, prosciutto
Bagel, black sesami - Whole Grain
Bagel, sunflower seed - Whole Grain
Bagel, multigrain seed - Whole Grain
Sandwich with graviera cheese
Sandwich with graviera cheese & turkey
Traditional bagel - No sugar added
Bagel with dark chocolate - No sugar added
Bagel with hazelnut praline with stevia
Raisin, cinnamon, carnation
Apple, cinnamon
Chocolate, oreo
Chocolate, coconut
Chocolate, orange
Chocolate, wild cherry
Chocolate, chestnut
Halva, tachini
Honey, tachini
Salty caramel
Philadelphia, sausage
Philadelphia, gouda
Philadelphia, gouda, bacon
Small filled bites
Traditional Greek bagel
SW Bagel
Bagel with corn
Gouda - bacon

Our products may contain traces and/or ingredients of the following allergens: Egg / lactose / gluten / soya / nuts / groundnuts / mustard / sesame / celery / lupin / fish oils / sulphites / mustard seeds.
Products, that contain nuts, may have traces of shells.
Products that contain olives / fruits, may contain olive / fruit cores.